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Keep in mind, your C&P will only show up if the exam was conducted at a VAMC. If your C&P was contracted through a 3rd party like QTC or VES, then you will need to request the C&P from the VARO. Also, any MH records may not show up on myHealth eVets since the privacy laws are slightly different for these.

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How to Receive a Copy of Your C&P Exam Results Unless you ask for it specifically, you will not get a copy of the exam results. The VA is only required to send the decision letter with your rating. There are several ways you may be able to access the results as soon as they become available.

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· I had two C&P exams on 6/14/16 at a VA C&P exam office. I was thinking the C&P exam results would show up in my Blue Button in MyHealtheVet. Well they do show up, but I can't view them.

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Depends on who did your C&P, actual VA or if it was outside contractor. It takes up to a few days to (weeks) for it to get signed off by the VA and into your records. Some short as 3 days it is released to your records, others take longer If it was the actual VA examiner, you should be able to– 1.

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Sign up for, and download them from the BlueButton. Once you set up your account, you can download any of your medical records in about 15 seconds. It takes about 72 hours to get put in your BlueBotton after the appointment, but then they are in there forever 2 Share ReportSave level 2 Op· 3 yr. ago They arnt in there.

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If your C&P exam was performed by a VA-doctor at a VA-facility, the results of your C&P exam will be in your VA medical records on MyHealtheVet in 48-72 hours. If your C&P exam was performed by a contracted doctor at a private facility, the results of your C&P exam will be uploaded to the Veteran Benefits Management System (VBMS).

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I have no C&P results on any of appointments and some of them where back in April like April 5th is this normal … PEB Forum Veteran. Registered Member. May 16, 2016 #4 Start in eBenefits, go to Manage Health Care Benefits, go to My HealtheVet Resources, on that page click on Blue Button (it actually states that), then click continue on the …

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C&P exam is short for a Compensation and Pension examination. It is a medical examination that is typically performed by a provider who is contracted by the VA to conduct the exam. Every Veteran and every claim may not require a C&P examination, but don't be surprised if you receive a letter of phone call to schedule one for you.

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If you had your C&P done at the VA it will be available when they upload it. If you had your C&P done at a third party contractor you need to file a FOIA request in order to obtain them. 1 level 2 · 2 yr. ago To add to this, it can take 3 or 4 days for the note to actually be uploaded online for viewing 1 level 1 Op · 2 yr. ago Thanks 1 level 2

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How long should it take for c&p exam notes to show up in myhealthevet? I thought it was a couple days but my exam was 10/28 and they're still not there. 6 comments. share. save. hide. report. 67% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.