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The VA Is Finally Moving Its Travel Reimbursement System Online

That means if you travel a roundtrip of 20 miles to reach your VA appointments you would be reimbursed $2.30 ($8.30 for a 20 mile round trip minus the $6 deductible). However, these deductibles …

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To apply for beneficiary travel, you will need to complete VA Form 10-3542 (Veteran/Beneficiary Claim for Reimbursement of Travel Expenses). You can submit the form via fax, mail, or in-person to your local Beneficiary Travel Office. You must submit the form within 30 days of when the travel was completed. Beneficiary travel reimbursement has …

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How to File for VA Travel Reimbursement Online (2022) Step #2: Sign-in to the VA Travel Claim Entry Portal. You can sign in with your DS Logon, My HealtheVet,, or VA… Step #3: Go to your BTSSS VA Travel Pay profile. Once you sign in, you'll get re-directed to the travel portal welcome… …

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Veterans can schedule appointments online, refill prescriptions, view their health records, and send Secure Messages to their team using My HealtheVet. Register today to discover a new approach to health care.

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Get VA Form 10-3542, Veteran/Beneficiary Claim for Reimbursement of Travel Expenses. Use this VA travel reimbursement form when you want to ask VA to pay for transportation expenses related to your care.

How To Set Up Direct Deposit For VA Travel Pay Reimbursement

Get VA Form 10091 (PDF) You'll need this information to fill out the form. Your: Social Security number; Address; Bank's name and address; Bank's routing number; Bank account number; Account type (checking or savings) You can fax your completed form to us at 512-460-5221 or bring it to your local beneficiary travel office. Find your local beneficiary travel office. Find out how to open a bank account to use direct deposit. Sign in to the AccessVA travel claim entry portal

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Friday, March 5, 2021. Veterans, caregivers, and beneficiaries who are eligible for reimbursement of mileage and other travel expenses to and from approved health care appointments can now enter claims in the new Beneficiary Travel Self-Service System (BTSSS). BTSSS simplifies the current claim submission process for beneficiaries and ensures timely processing and payment of travel reimbursements.

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To do this, you'll need to fill out a Veteran/Beneficiary Claim for Reimbursement of Travel Expenses (VA Form 10-3542). Get VA Form 10-3542 to download Read the statements and certifications carefully. Then sign and date your form. Mail, fax, email, or take your completed form and receipts in person to the VA facility where you received care.

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VA FORM JUL 2021. 28-0968. Page 1. SECTION I: CLAIMANT'S IDENTIFICATION INFORMATION NOTE: You may complete the form online or by hand. If completing by hand, print neatly and legibly in ink, and completely fill in each applicable circle to help expedite the processing of the form. Enter International Phone Number (If applicable) 5. TELEPHONE NUMBER (Include Area Code) 6. EMAIL ADDRESS € (Optional)