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Really strange things going on with this time around and exam results though. grumpy guy 188 C&P = Gone off MHV Jun 04, 2015 #6 Same here two C&P were on Myhealthyvet (MHV) for a few weeks, "Claim Complete", then disappeared off MHV. I had saved them, but just adding to this heads-up for other vets. sea2fish 3,245 3 Housekeeping Jun 04, 2015 #7

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Hello everyone, I recently completed all of my C&P exams for my MEB. I logged on to the MyHealtheVet website to take a look at the summary from the VA providers and wanted to know how close are their notes to the MilitaryDisabilityMadeEasy ratings website? Based on what I am seeing it looks like I would be found: 50% PTSD

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Learn More About My HealtheVet VA Notes. VA Notes are part of your permanent medical record. Veterans who have a My HealtheVet Premium account can access VA Notes. They include all completed VA progress, telehealth, and consult notes including primary care, specialty care, mental health, social work, nursing notes, and Secure Messaging interactions that have been saved as notes.

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Keep in mind, your C&P will only show up if the exam was conducted at a VAMC. If your C&P was contracted through a 3rd party like QTC or VES, then you will need to request the C&P from the VARO. Also, any MH records may not show up on myHealth eVets since the privacy laws are slightly different for these.

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C&P exams are tools used by claims processors to either collect missing evidence or clarify information in your claim. A complete C&P exam is just one part of the complete body of evidence from which claims processors must consider when making their decision. Keep in mind, that not all our contentions will require VA examinations.

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Do contractor C&P exam results get posted to myhealthevet? No, they are not. In the past, you could get a copy of those reports at the RO's office. Today, you'll need to file a privacy act request for a copy. (You might run into an RO employee who will disregard the new rule and give you a copy.) Share this topic with: Share

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The C&P exam is really part of the claim file and belongs to the Veterans Benefit Administration (VBA) not the Veterans health administration (VHA). VBA does not have to release it before the claim is settled. But, If the C&P was done by a VHA doctor, it usually is recorded in your VA health record and will be available through MyHealthe vet.

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If your C&P exam was performed by a VA-doctor at a VA-facility, the results of your C&P exam will be in your VA medical records on MyHealtheVet in 48-72 hours. If your C&P exam was performed by a contracted doctor at a private facility, the results of your C&P exam will be uploaded to the Veteran Benefits Management System (VBMS).

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Try medical records at your VAMC check with them you can request your medical records with them..I think the VA does everything by computer and your last 4. I had a comp&pen and week later went and got copies at the VAMC where I had my c & p exam. beings everything is on the computer I would think you could get the copies!

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The C&P exam can bolster your claim. If your private doctor did a good job doing the DBQ's showing you should be increased, and if the c&p doctor gives you a negative opinion, the VA will go with the doctor that put more rationale in. If they are the same, the tie is supposed to go to you/the doctor with the positive opinion. 0